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22 Links To Coverage About The SEO Is Bull Debate

Over the past two days, there has been a ton of debate over Jason Calacanis’s
post calling SEO "bull." Since then, Danny’s done a long response, Jason’s been
challenged (and accepted) to have his site SEOed and much more. Here’s a rundown
and a rough timeline of developments:

  1. Why people hate SEO… (and why SMO is bulls$%t)
    from Jason kicks things
  2. Jason Calacanis takes
    another cheap shot at SEOs
    from Threadwatch has SEOers pushing back.
  3. Social Media
    Marketers Need to Accept Some Responsibility
    from Greg Boser pushes back
    also at the idea that SEOers are responsible for social media site abuses.
  4. Why The SEO Folks
    Were Mad At You, Jason
    from Danny spins out a defense of SEO, with a lot
    of history and questions.
  5. Are 90% Of SEOs
    Snake Oil Salesmen?
    has Danny talking about the issues on The Daily
    SearchCast podcast.
  6. Diggers Can’t
    Handle The Truth (About SEO)
    from Danny covers how his story made popular
    on Digg but disappeared quickly because Diggers apparently hate SEO.

  7. CalacanisCast with SEO folks…, kind of enjoying watching what is going on

    from Jason announces he wants to have an SEO person on his podcast.
  8. Trust
    About SEO
    from Scott Karp of Publishing 2.0 shares views on SEO.
  9. Talk Talk Talk
    from Aaron Wall shares views at SEO Book about the debate.
  10. Greg Boser and
    (Oilman) Friesen
    hope to talk to Jason on their podcast,

  11. Danny Sullivan Schools Jason Calacanis in SEO
    has cool and calm Lisa
    Barone gets into the mix at the Bruce Clay Blog.

  12. The NEO of Search
    from Joe Whyte has him sharing his support for SEOs.

  13. Jason Calacanis Has Never Had to Rank for Viagra, Has He?
    has Li Evans

  14. Danny Sullivan 1 Jason Calacanis 0
    has 901am scoring the debate in Danny’s

  15. SEO Results You Deserve
    covers the issue at The Commerce 360 Blog.

  16. SEOs – Slimebuckets or Geniuses?
    from Andy Beal at Marketing Pilgrim
    weighing in

  17. Calacanis Plays SEO People Like A Fiddle
    from Jeremy at Shoemoney has him
    and I talking about the issues.

  18. On linkbaiting, SEO’ing and all that other crap
    has Ben Metcalfe concerned
    that SEO and SMO is going to harm social media sites.
  19. Jason
    Calacanis Hates SEOs, But Loves What SEOs Do
    has Kevin Newcomb at the
    Search Engine Watch Blog lending a voice.

  20. Gary Ruplinger: The Aleksey Vayner of Social Media
    from Valleywag covers
    the guy in the video about getting links from Digg and other social media
    sites that kicked Jason off in the first place.

  21. Following up with a

    Some "SEO is bulls#$t" fallout…
    from Jason has him keeping a running
    account of responses to his original post, with comments also on what Danny

  22. Open Challenge to Jason Calacanis
    has Neil Patel offering a challenge to
    Jason — let him do SEO and see if Jason’s traffic rises. Jason accepts, with
    the caveat of it being all white hat

That is just some of the coverage out there, much of it found via
Techmeme. If you have your own story,
feel free to add it to the comments below.

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