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9 Reasons To Attend SMX Advanced

This is a special message for our
SearchCap newsletter
readers and anyone who visits Search
Engine Land
, about Search Engine Land’s first conference:
Search Marketing Expo
. It happens in Seattle this June 4th and 5th.

As the date approaches, I’ve had some people ask me for more about what’s
different or unique with this show compared to other search conferences. Happy
to indulge!

Below, I’ll share a bit more about the entire
Search Marketing Expo conference
series as well as 9 reasons to attend the first one,
SMX Advanced. I
could have done 10, but Search Engine Land readers
know the advantage
of going for odd numbers!

As many know, I opened a new chapter in my years of writing about search and
organizing search marketing conferences when Search Engine Land
launched last
December. Along with Search Engine Land, I
launched a
new company, Third Door Media. Third
Door publishes Search Engine Land, plus runs the online
Search Marketing Now
webinar series and produces the in-person event series,
Search Marketing Expo.

Search Marketing Expo — we call it SMX for short — is where I, along with
Chris Sherman and other members of the
Search Engine Land team want
to bring to life some of the tips and techniques we share online through Search
Engine Land. For this year, we thought it made sense to keep our first shows
focused on some specific topics, so we could dive deep into them.

SMX Local & Mobile
happens in October to look at local and mobile search.

SMX Social Media
also happens in October, focusing the intersection of
social media and search.

SMX Advanced
happens before all of them, in June, as I said. It’s a special show for me in
many ways. It’s our first, of course — and first shows are unique. There’s a
buzz among attendees about being at something new, unique and different. I still
get people who tell me how thrilled they were to be able to say they attended
the very search conference show I organized back in 1999.

It’s also special because the event is specifically designed for the
experienced search marketer. With a general search marketing event, experienced
search marketers can feel slowed a bit when the conversation itself has to slow
to explain basic concepts. As we say on the SMX Advanced web site: "If you’re
fluent in search marketing, SMX Advanced is where you can converse with others
who speak your native language." We’re taking the discussion up a notch.

I know many experienced search marketers have been looking for this type of
high-level event. Now you’ve got it (and if you’re not experienced, don’t worry
— our other events will help you! They are designed for marketers of all

On to some specific reasons to attend:

  1. Influence Change: Over the years, I’ve led a number of "summit"
    style sessions at conferences, where the audience interacts with the search
    engines and real changes in how search engines operate have emerged. We have a
    number of sessions like these, where the audience can be involved in pushing
    for changes. We’ll cover duplicate content, penalties and paid search wish
    lists. The focus won’t be on workarounds. It will be a way for experienced
    marketers — who often know workarounds but are sick of them — can shape and
    influence future directions. As we say on the conference home page: "Be a
    leader by being among the leaders in the industry at this show."
  2. Debates: Similar to the summits, debates are a way I hope leaders
    can influence the industry. We’ve got two, one about SEO, the other on paid
    search. These will be real debates, with teams, statements, responses and then
    the audience getting in on the action at the end.
  3. Tips & Tactics: One of the biggest challenges in doing the agenda
    was figuring out topics that will appeal to pros. I’ve tried to focus on areas
    that even pros might be neglecting or wondering about: social media,
    personalized search, tricky issues in paid search and getting into the black
    box of paid auctions. The "Give It Up" session also challenges top search
    marketers to share some of their most closely guarded tips.
  4. Networking As Part Of The Event: We know that networking is
    important, and we’re not leaving it to chance. SMX Advanced has three
    different networking events
    . SMX Bash — sponsored by
    Microsoft — happens
    before the show starts and is open to all attendees (expo-only and full-pass
    holders). The SMX Reception at the end of the first day is also open to
    everyone. SMX After Dark — sponsored by Google
    — is in the evening of the first day and will be open to full-pass attendees.
    In a week or two, we’ll have even more details about the fun and activities
    happening with SMX Bash and SMX After Dark.
  5. Food & Drink: You won’t go hungry. There will be food and snacks
    all day, to enhance the conference experience.
  6. Wifi: Our session rooms have it. For free. For everyone. Want to
    stay connected while also being away? We make it easy.
  7. Intimate Show: We have a limited number of spaces (and growing more
    limited by the day). When we sell out, we’re sold out, in order to maintain a
    more personal, less frenetic feel.
  8. High Speaker To Attendee Ratio: SMX Advanced will have about one
    speaker for every six attendees, outstanding access compared to a typical
    search conference. Check out who is confirmed to speak on the
    conference agenda
    . We’re also continuing to add other speakers over the
    coming week.
  9. You Were There: It’ll be the first SMX. You might not tell your
    kids about it, nor do we think this is the main reason to attend! But there’s
    a cachet in having been part of the first show in a successful conference
    series. This gives you bragging rights to say you were there.

I hope this gives those of you with questions about SMX in general and the
SMX Advanced show in particular some helpful guidance. I’m looking forward to
seeing many of our experienced search marketers who read Search Engine Land out
in Seattle. Check out the
and keep in mind that the

registration price
rises after May 8. Save by registering now — and ensure
you’ll get a ticket by registering now!

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