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After 13 years, Frédéric Dubut, principal product manager, core search & AI, departs Microsoft

After thirteen years at Microsoft, Frédéric Dubut, principal PM manager, core search & AI at Microsoft, announced his departure on Monday. Dubut has been an avid contributor to the search community, lending his insights into the inner workings of Bing for our Bing SEO guide as well as speaking at SMX on webspam and penalties, Bing’s “quest for intelligent search” and more. 

Dubut explains how search engines are shifting their focus to understanding intent as opposed to just keywords.

I really enjoyed lifting the lid on how search works, and I hope folks gained some appreciation of what goes into building a web-scale search engine. And no, even though I'm leaving @Bing, I'm not going to reveal the… pic.twitter.com/gijL0I7oWc

— Frédéric Dubut (@CoperniX) October 18, 2021

Why we care. In addition to being an industry, search marketing is also a community of professionals that do our best to share what we know so that our colleagues and the brands they work for can succeed. In his role at Microsoft, Frédéric Dubut exemplified these qualities and greatly contributed to the industry’s understanding of how Bing crawls, indexes, renders and ranks. Dubut has not disclosed where he’s headed next, nevertheless, we hope the best for him and are optimistic that whoever steps into his now-former role will also be a steward and advocate for SEOs.

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