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comScore: Slight Google Rise, Status Quo With Rest In February 2007

Now having covered the latest search popularity figures from Hitwise and Nielsen//NetRatings, it’s time to look at those out from comScore. It’s mostly the same old news — Google up a bit, everyone else holding steady.

Here are the figures, which cover the percentage of home, work and university searches done in the US for February 2007:

  • Google: 48.1%
  • Yahoo: 28.1%
  • Microsoft Live: 10.5%
  • Ask: 5.0%
  • AOL: 4.9%

Here’s a look over the past year:

comScore Feb. 2007 Search Popularity Figures

As you can see, Google continues to have incremental rises. The rest all remain relatively steady — including Microsoft’s Live.com, which after months of drops has finally flattened out for the past three months.

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