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Flash Earth Puts Google Earth, Virtual Earth & Others On Web

FlashEarth Mashup with Google Earth 4.2 from the Google Earth Blog reports on a site named Flash Earth that provides mapping services from several providers in a desktop like experience, using Flash technologies.

Flash Earth gives you mapping data from Google Earth, Microsoft Virtual Earth, Yahoo Maps, OpenLayers and NASA Terra. The Flash map lets you select one of those maps and then you can click or drag the map to the location you want. You can also use arrow keys or the compass control to move the map to your desired location. You can rotate the map by turning your compass wheel with the click and drag. You can also zoom in and out by dragging the slide bar up or down, or pressing the plus or minus keys on the map or by using your mouse’s scroll wheel.

Postscript: Just remembered Gary pointed to a Ogle Earth story reporting that a similar service named Mobile GMaps received a cease and desist from Google Enforcement Team that they were violating their Terms of Service and had to thus stop using it.

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