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Google A "Frenemy" of Traditional Media?

Spotted via Paid Content, Google an ally, not a threat, media exec says is an interview with David Eun, vice president of content partnerships, the former NBC and Time Warner Inc. executive and Google’s ambassador to the television, movie, publishing and local-media industries. with the LA Times Chris Gaither. Google has no intention of competing with traditional media by creating content, says Eun. Nonetheless, many media companies remain wary of Google even as they craft distribution deals.

That’s unjustified, says Eun. “When people say we’re to be feared, I never quite know what to make of that. You can always opt out: We never force you to work with us.”

Eun also talks about the recent YouTube acquisition, and concerns about copyrighted content being uploaded to the service. “It’s not black or white. If content owners have concerns about what happens to their business or their content, they’re also really impressed and attracted to the distribution and promotion YouTube can offer.”

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