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Google Acquired Endoxon: Geo Mapping Software

Google Operating Systems reports that Google has acquired Endoxon, a company that specializes in internet mapping solutions. Google actually did not acquire the whole company, but rather just half of the business units, including internet, mapping and data processing business units. They were acquired because “Endoxon’s assets and its European network bolster engineering and technical resources for Google. This acquisition of Endoxon will enable us to leverage their analysis capabilities and will help us build out and improve the functionality of Google Earth and Google Maps across Europe.”

Postscript: The Google blog posted an entry on this acquisition, adding;

The Endoxon team has demonstrated passion and innovation in online mapping and has developed compelling technology that will enhance our Google geo products worldwide. We’re also excited about having a dedicated team in Europe that can bring a distinctively European focus to our Maps products in those markets.

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