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Google adds small business attribute and other information to business profiles and shopping listings

Google has added new details to both Google Business Profiles listings and some shopping listings. Google added a new business attribute named “small business” that will show up on a business’s Google Maps and local listing, as well as their shopping results. Plus, Google added more information to their listings that Google says will make it helpful for searchers to learn more about that business.

Small business attribute. Google now lets you edit your Google Business Profile or Merchant Center details to say you are a “small business.” Then, Google will show a small business icon and label in your Google local and shopping search results.

Here is a screenshot of the shopping results showcasing which products are from small businesses:

Small Business LabelSmall Business Label

If you edit your Google Business Profile, you can now select “Is a small business.”

Google Business Profile Attributes Small BusinessGoogle Business Profile Attributes Small Business

Other information. In addition to the small business attribute, Google said it will also show “other helpful shopping information, like current deals, shipping and return policies, customer service information and ratings and reviews.” This will show up in the knowledge panels for some merchants in some regions.

Google also said the knowledge panel will show up for more merchants.

Before After Merchant 800x534Before After Merchant 800x534

Product studio. Google said this week they are starting to roll out Product Studio to all Google Merchant Center Next users in the U.S. That includes Google’s “experimental AI-powered scene generation feature, which uses a text-to-image generative AI model to help you place products into any creative scene you dream up,” Google added.

You can learn more details on that announcement over here.

Why we care. If you are a business that can benefit from the small business attribute or from these additional features and labels that can show up in Google Search, make sure to add then to your listings.

If you have clients that can benefit from this then help your clients gain these new labels and attributes as well.

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