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Google Earth Gets Darfur Crisis Info, But Ban Prevents Downloads In Sudan

Oh the irony: Google Earth ban in Sudan is due to US export restrictions from Ogle Earth reports that Google Earth can’t be downloaded in Sudan to to US export restrictions. Knowledge of the ban comes right after a new layer has been added to Google Earth to illustrate and share information about the humanitarian crisis in Sudan’s Darfur region.

Ogle Earth said they received an email response from Google explaining the ban was due to US export restrictions.

In accordance with US export controls and economic sanctions regulations, we are unable to permit the download of Google Earth in Sudan. More information about these controls and sanctions can be found here and here.

While it may seem like the ban is related to the new layer, likely it simply was never noticed before. Once the layer was added, people in Sudan probably tried to download the Google Earth software, shedding light on the ban.

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