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Google Maps Adds "Report Incorrect Data" Link

Mike Blumenthal reports that Google has added an easier way to report inaccurate data found within Google Maps. For any unverified business listing, Google will show a link that reads “report incorrect data” that takes you to a page to easily notify Google of the problem. For example, currently this business listing shows the link, when clicked, you are taken to this form.

Here is a screen capture of the business listing:

Google Local Report Error

When you click the report link, it takes you to a form that reads:

Report incorrect data
Google Maps gathers information from a variety of sources, including websites and Yellow Pages directories. Occasionally, this information may be incorrect or outdated.

Please tell us the problem with this business listing:

* The name, phone number, or address is incorrect
* Business information (e.g. hours or payment accepted), reviews, or web references are incorrect
* My home phone number or address appears in this listing

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