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Google News May Index Yahoo Ads

BlogStorm has found that Google News might actually index Yahoo contextual ads.

For example, a search on Loans4 in Google News returns an article from InTheNews.co.uk. Let’s look carefully at the snippet in Google News:

Google News May Index Ads

As you can see, the text reads:

If you are a homeowner, visit the Loans4 website to see which loan you qualify for. Compare over 30 insurers to find the cheapest car insurance quote. …

Now, go to the InTheNews.co.uk article and try to find that content in the main article. You can’t. But you can find it in one of the ads on the lower right part of the page. Here is a picture of that:

Google News Indexes Ads

That’s a Yahoo ad, and if you review the code, you can see the content is visible in the HTML. So technically, there is no reason why a spider won’t index that text.

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