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Google Print & Radio Ads A Success All Around

Newspapers and Radio Find Unlikely Ally in Google from Advertising Age shows how both advertisers and publishers are very happy with early tests from both Google’s Print Ads and Google’s Audio Ads.

On the print side, the article shares quotes from the New York Times claiming Google Print ads have “worked” and that they have generated “incremental revenue from an advertiser base that we don’t usually get revenue from.” The Seattle Times has told Advertising Age that they have “produced six-figure incremental ad revenue” from this program. Also, we have quotes from small business that have claimed the print ad tests have worked for them. One advertiser said “we are very pleased with the results” and that they “going to bump up the spend.”

On the radio side, the article has small business claiming Google Audio ads give him a “reassuring and comforting feeling to have a system so efficient and easy.” This allows him to feel more willing to participate in radio ads. But on the publisher side, radio stations are “scared to death” of Google.

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