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Google Searchology Day: Recap Of Announcements

It’s Searchology Day
today at Google, where the company is devoting time to look at the past, present
and future of search at Google. There will be a number of significant
announcements coming out of the event. Want to keep up? Stay tuned to this page.
We’ll keep it updated with a summary of major developments plus link out to more
in-depth coverage we’re providing about some of the news. Want in on the action?
The webcast is

and runs from 9:30am to 12:30pm Pacific Time.

News from the event:

  1. Universal Search:Do a "regular" search and books, news,
    video, image and local results blended into one single page. It will still
    mostly be web pages that dominate, but the verticals will be more noticeable.
    See our very long article detailing this,
    Google 2.0: Google
    Universal Search
  2. New Navigation:
    New top-left navigation to help you move within Google properties and
    contextually-changing navigation for search results have been added. See our
    article, Google’s New
    Navigational Links: An Illustrated Guide
  3. Google Experimental: A new place where you can experiment
    with Google interface experiments. See our write-up here,
    Google Experimental:
    Opt-In To Google User Interface Experiments
    . Try it
  4. Meta
    Video Search
    : Within the
    Google 2.0: Google
    Universal Search
    , there’s a section that describes how Google Video is
    going to be listing video hosted from across the web, not just within Google
    Video or YouTube.
  5. Google Views: Part of Google Experimental,
    Google Views lets you do searches
    and get back information presented in list, timeline and map fashion.
  6. Cross Language Information Retrieval (CLIR): Google has a system it
    expects to debut within a few months that lets you search for information
    across multiple languages, even if you don’t speak those languages. You’ll
    enter what you’re looking for, and your search terms will be translated into
    other languages. Matching pages in those languages will be found. If they are
    among the most relevant, they’ll be translated back into your native language
    and shown in the search results. Google’s been working on this for years,
    first really
    at it during the
    Google Factory Tour
    of May 19, 2005 that was a predecessor to today’s Searchology event.
    TechCrunch has a closer look at some of the slides from what was presented

    Google To Launch Cross-Language Search Engine; On-The-Fly Translations of
    Queries and Results
    . We also now have a closer look in
    Google Searchology:
    CLIR and Views
  7. Meaning Search: Google’s added a stemming function several years
    so that a search for "runs" would match "running," for example. Coming in the
    future is meaning-based matching, Google says. For example, a search for
    "distance from zurich switzerland to lake como italy" might also be searched
    for as "train milan italy zurich switzerland."
  8. Web Search Keyboard Shortcuts: Lets you skip around
    within search results using your keyboard, similar to how you can with Gmail.
    Access it via Google

Live Blogging

Roundup Coverage

Postscript by Barry Schwartz: Danny’s Live blogging coverage is available for Google Searchology 2009.

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