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Google Unity Project To Build Submarine Cables Across Pacific Ocean

Remember that Submarine Cable Negotiator job we mentioned being available at Google last month? Turn out Google’s not just negotiating for undersea cable use. It has its own “Unity” project underway to run communication cable of its own under the Pacific.

Spotted via John Paczkowski, Google plans new undersea “Unity” cable across Pacific from Commsday has more about the plans

Says CommsDay:

Google is planning a multi-terabit undersea communications cable across the Pacific Ocean for launch in 2009, Communications Day has learned.

The Unity cable has been under development for several months, with a group of carriers and Google meeting for high-level talks on the plan in Sydney last week.

Google spokesperson Barry Schnitt is quoted about the rumor:

Additional infrastructure for the Internet is good for users and there are a number of proposals to add a Pacific submarine cable. We’re not commenting on any of these plans.

The job opening at Google is still available today. This new news does help clarify the job description:

Submarine cable Strategic Negotiators are specifically responsible for working with internal technical and business teams to identify, select, and negotiate submarine networking contracts as part of the development of Google’s global backbone.

Additional coverage at Techmeme.

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