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Google's Carolina Moves: $100 Million Tax Breaks In North, Server Farm Coming To South?

Caldwell tries to land Google at the Citizen Times and Bidding War for Google: It’s Expensive, But What Is the Alternative? by the Local Tech Wire document how North Carolina is offering major tax breaks to Google in order to encourage Google to build a massive data center in their state. The Google data center is expected to require 210 new jobs and take up possibly 150 acres of land. In exchange for this, North Carolina is offering a $100 million tax break over the next 30 years.

But it is not just North Carolina that wants Google’s name, South Carolina is reportedly in the bidding also. A more recent article named Google linked to local project by The State reports that Google is seriously considering Blythewood, South Carolina to house their new data center.

Not everyone is happy about North and South Carolina giving Google such discounts to open their data center there. Bob Orr, a former state Supreme Court justice, said “There are a number of struggling businesses or people who would like to open a business who don’t get this kind of break.

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