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Google's Matt Cutts Keynote At SES London

A Keynote
Conversation with Google’s Matt Cutts
from Search Engine Roundtable provides
live blogging of Google’s Matt Cutts talking to Search Engine Land executive
editor Chris Sherman during the keynote at
SES London today.
Matt covers:

  • Eloping, a nice Valentine’s Day topic
  • His typical day fighting spam
  • Google search algorithm evolution
  • Debunking myths
  • How SEOs might react to Google’s expanded personalized search results (see
    here and
    here for more
    about those)
  • He calls

    a "whitehat" SEO tactic
  • How marketers need to consider vertical search more
  • How his time with the NSA doesn’t keep him in black helicopters any longer
  • How his most important nugget for site owners is to make use of tools
    offered by Google Webmaster
    just came out of beta
    today with over one million users)

Rand Fishkin from SEOmoz also provides some general thoughts about the
conference overall in

Reporting Live from SES London

Postscript Barry: Search Engine Watch posted their 2007: A Search Odyssey? Keynote Conversation with Matt Cutts by Andrew Goodman.

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