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Internet Marketers of New York Hits The Big Apple

A new organization has been launched specifically for Internet marketers named . The organization had its first meet last week, and I heard it was a huge success (sorry I didn’t make it, I totally forgot). Greg Niland (aka GoodROI) dreamed up this organization, with a few other founding members. I asked Greg to give me a little something to post here, so here it is:

We are an interactive monthly forum for experienced Internet marketers to connect with each other in a relaxed atmosphere. Many great Internet marketers work from home and have no easy way to personally connect with people that understand the complex workings of Internet marketing. Often I have wanted to talk with other smart people in the industry without having to travel six hours to attend a conference. One day I realized New York never sleeps and Internet marketing never stops either, so it was easy to connect them and start a local group here. We are looking for fun, motivated smart people in the industry to join us.

I am not sure if I am allowed to mention who are the current members yet, right now some are mentioned . The only way to get invited to these meetings is to be nominated by current members. The next meeting will be mid-January some time. Nice work Greg!

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