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LinkedIn Answers Launched

Now joining the questions answering game is
LinkedIn, with its new
LinkedIn Answers service, just two
days old. Jason Calacanis pinged me
about it just via instant message, saying he loves it. Sequoia Capital is an
investor in LinkedIn — and Jason now works for Sequoia — so you can easily
assume some interest in giving me a heads-up. But then again, I don’t disbelieve
him saying he loves it.

Jason pointed over to

Who’s are the top 10 web designer in the world today?
that he posted a day
ago and says he got great answers. I couldn’t judge, since I don’t know who the
top 10 web designers are. But I liked his response to why this might be better
than Yahoo Answers:

This is better because folks in here are connected and care about how they
answer the questions. Answering questions here gets you a job or a client.

I or someone else from Search Engine Land might spin around to take a longer
look at the service in the future. In the meantime,
Question & Answer Search
Engines Ranked
covers a recent review of other question answering services,
including powerhouse Yahoo Answers.

Postscript: Oops! I missed Barry mentioning this earlier while I was gone.

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