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MySupermarket Comparison Site

MySupermarket is one of those sites that you sometimes look at and immediately think ‘I’ll be coming back here on a regular basis’. The concept is very simple – you choose one of 4 UK supermarkets from Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Ocado and you shop for your groceries.

All the groceries are shown in illustrated form on the page as well as being described, together with any discounts or special offers the supermarket has on offer. At the top of the screen the system keeps a tally of how much you have spent and provides a comparison with the prices from the three other supermarkets.

When you have finished shopping the system also suggests ways in which you could save money – for example, I elected to buy 2x1pint cartons of milk, and mySupermarket suggested that I should buy 1 2 pint carton instead. It also suggests store brands when appropriate as alternatives to more expensive brands. Finally it does a comparison for you with one of the other supermarkets so that you can see if and why it might provide cheaper options. Once you have finished making any adjustments the shopping list can either be printed out or sent directly to your supermarket of choice for home delivery.

This is a fascinating site, and I spent far too long exploring different options and alternatives, and it’s certainly changed the way in which I shop. Even if you otherwise find grocery shopping boring, this site is worth checking out.

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