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Search Announcements & Products Out Of TechCrunch 40

techcrunch 40TechCrunch 40 is currently underway, and there have been quite a few product announcements made by search companies at the conference. Below you can find a wrap up of what was announced so far at TechCrunch 40:

  • Exclusive: ProfileBuilder Acquires ZingFu.com, ZingFu.com is a social networking resource site with 600,000 registered members.
  • TechCrunch 40 Session 1: Search & Discovery: In this session Powerset, a natural language search service, announced its new Powerset Labs. Also in that session were Cognitive Code, a company that created human-like artificially intelligent interfaces that dynamically adapt to a digital device; CastTV, a company that is developing a video search engine and crawler named Faroo; and video search engine Viewdle.
  • TechCrunch 40 Session 2: Mobile & Communications: In this session, Yap announced their service will allow you to speak your queries to Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo, YouTube and Facebook. Trutap offers a mobile social-networking application for both online and offline friends to stay in touch. Also in this session, Jason Calacanis questioned Marissa Mayer about the Google Phone, but Mayer quickly deflected the question.
  • Yahoo Presents Yahoo Teachers At TechCrunch40: Scott Moore and Bill Scott from Yahoo presented Yahoo Teachers, a new research-focused service aimed at making life easier for teachers.
  • TC40 Keynote Speakers: Humble Beginnings seemed like a fabulous session where the cofounder of Netscape, Marc Andreessenl; the cofounder of Yahoo, David Filo, and the cofounder of YouTube, Chad Hurley, all looked back at their history.
  • AOL Launches BlueString at TechCrunch 40. BlueString is a collaborative multimedia story telling site, basically allowing you to take images, videos, and audio content from across the web and mix them together into a multimedia slide show presentation.
  • TechCrunch 40 Session 3: Community & Collaboration had presentations from Storyblender, a tool that allows you to blend content into a multimedia show. TripIt also showed off their travel tool that helps people manage their travel itinerary. Flock showed off their social web browser, plus they have a “search relationship with Yahoo that is a main revenue stream,” reported TechCrunch. MusicShake demonstrated their online amateur music mixing service.
  • TechCrunch 40 Keynote Conversation: Mark Zuckerberg was the keynote with Facebook’s founder.

Want more? Center Networks has a nice recap of TechCrunch 40.

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