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Search In Pictures: Google Offices, Yahoo Parties, Ask.com Anniversary

This week I had an idea for a new column, possibly weekly, where I tracked the search industry through images uploaded to Flickr. Although we don’t have an official name for this column, I thought I’d tag this as a BETA release and see how it goes. So sit back and let me run you through this week in search, brought to you via Flickr!

Google appears to have had an open house in their Moscow office. Would you think they would try to act busy, when people are watching? Nope, I caught some Googlers playing the Wii:

Wii Golf at the Google Moscow office

I decided to cross the globe in search of some Googlers at work. And guess what? I found them in Tempe, AZ. In this picture, you see an empty beanbag next to a turtle and an awesome Google wall. Obviously in this office, the only Googler lounging around is that turtle.


Trust me, it is not only Google that has open houses. Yahoo seems to have opened their Taiwan office to this nice group of people:

Trip to Taiwan Yahoo Office

While these guys visited Yahoo’s Taiwan office, it appears the folks in Yahoo’s headquarters are all out to lunch.

Lunch break at OSCMS

I am not sure what this guy is looking at, but I can tell you that this picture was taken at Yahoo’s Singapore office. How cute, those little smilies – how cute!

Yahoo Singapore Office

While Yahoo was running the OSCMS convention, Google was out in Spain (I believe) running a marketing conference. Here is an artistic picture of it all taking place.

Google Spain

Happy birthday Stewart at Yahoo, I hope you got my card in the mail.

Yahoo Stewart

If not, I blame the Google scooters and bikes for the delay.

Google scooters Google bike

Or maybe it wasn’t Google’s fault for the delay. Maybe they got caught up in that big chess game you are holding this week on campus?

Yahoo Life Size Chess

My big question to Yahoo is, why was I not invited to the Yahoo Audacious Party?

Yahoo Audacious Party

You even invited Clay Aiken (doesn’t that look so much like him?)

Yahoo Audacious Party

I can’t possibly end this pictorial without mentioning the little engine that could, Ask.com. Someone had a 1st year anniversary at Ask!

Ask.com 1

So that is search this week from Flickr. What you think?

All images are linked to the original source, please click through for more details.

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