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SearchCap Newsletter Begins Friday & Search Month Open For Signups

The formal launch
of Search Engine Land remains December 11. However, Barry and I have decided to
kickstart the daily
newsletter this Friday. You can now also signup for our monthly
newsletter, which will now be called
Search Month. More on
this, plus information on the three different feeds we offer, in the post below.

Our Search Engine
Newsletters & News Feeds
is a new page on the site that covers
every newsletter and feed that we currently offer. That’s a good place to orient
yourself, if you want more beyond this post.

Until now, I’ve had only one email newsletter signup box on the site. That’s
for SearchCap, our
daily newsletter. If you signed up for that, you’ve been getting a rundown of
anything we’ve posted on the site. Now that will stop. Anyone on that newsletter
will get a notice about this particular post, then you probably won’t get
another email until Friday, when SearchCap gets going.

Barry and I still need to be watching all the news happening in search even
if the site isn’t formally up. So, we figured why not — we’ll push out
headlines to everyone on the SearchCap newsletter. In addition, we may start
posting a few stories in addition to headline round-ups from Friday onward. It
actually helps a bit in the design process if we have some real content to work
with over here.

Let me stress that I was very, very hesitant to post anything on the site
until December 11. My fear was that people might mistakenly assume that what you
see now is how the site is going to look going forward, if we did that. Plus,
Barry and I and all the
Search Engine Land correspondents
are out at
next week. That naturally makes for slow posting, and I didn’t want
to start the site up and further give the wrong impressions.

Fortunately, I’ve got a good sense that people are realizing what you see
here now is definitely going to change when we formally launch. Plus, while
posting may be slow, I think many people will find what’s going up to be
helpful, especially the headline summaries. So we’re diving in. I’m not calling
it an alpha, beta or gamma launch! It’s just us moving in, getting comfortable
in the new place and talking with the neighbors and friends that come by until
we get everything unpacked on December 11. By the way, I hear links make a very
nice housewarming gift 🙂

Back to SearchCap.
If you take that newsletter, you’ll get updated on everything that happens here,
once per day, via email. Don’t want it via email? Then you can take the
SearchCap feed

In addition to SearchCap, you can now signup for
Search Month. I
originally planned to call the newsletter SearchCap Monthly, but I thought
Search Month was a better name. It goes out — yes — once per month, just after
the first of the month. So the first issue will come out just after the new

Tomorrow I will post my 120th (and last) monthly newsletter over at the
Search Engine
. That will be 10 years of doing a monthly recap of news, rain or
shine. At first I thought about not continuing on with the monthly grind. But I
find combing through all the stories to be a useful reflection on what happened.
Plus, I still get plenty of people who like having that once-a-month recap. So
I’ll be carrying on through Search Month –and if you don’t want it via email,
you can take it via the corresponding
Search Month feed.

Now that big orange box at the top of the page? That gets you going with our
main Search Engine
Land Feed
, which will send you an alert about any post we do here.
Throughout the day, you’ll get notified about all of our posts. In addition,
you’ll also automatically get sent SearchCap and Search Month to your feed
reader, so you don’t need to signup for those feeds separately.

By the way, the formal launch will have 125×125 graphical ads, six spaces
strictly limited. Patrick Gavin over at
Text Link Ads
just became our first official sponsor, and thanks for your
support, Patrick! If you’re interested, drop an email to
sales@searchengineland.com for
more information.

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