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SearchCap: The Day In Search, Feb. 20, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

  • New Stats On Google’s Products Show Video & Blog Increasing While Froogle & Directory Decreasing
    The Compete.com Blog released new data showing us the trends of Google’s various properties. Grouped in the “super performers” are Google Video, Google Blog Search, Google Scholar (up and down) and Google Desktop. In the standard performers included Google Maps, Google Toolbar, Google Book Search, Google Web Search, Google Image…

  • Bloglines Creator Mark Fletcher Resurfaces At Startupping
    Mark Fletcher, creator of Bloglines and other startup ventures, has just launched Startupping, a “community resource created for Internet entrepreneurs by Internet entrepreneurs.” Fletcher left Ask.com last summer, after scaling Bloglines to handle the increased traffic the service attracted after he sold Bloglines to Ask in February 2005. Although the…

  • Three Proven Steps For Getting On Digg’s Homepage
    There are tons of tricks that people use to get stories on the homepage of Digg. Unfortunately, in their eagerness to get the visibility offered by Digg, most people are ignoring basic submission guidelines. Rather than concentrating on gaming Digg, if you submit stories using some common sense, your…

  • Text Messaging: Where The Volume And The Dollars Are Today
    In case you hadn’t noticed mobile marketing is generating lots of buzz these days. And with buzz usually comes revenue forecasts. Indeed, various research firms are throwing out numbers for mobile advertising, music and video that make online advertising look like a fly on the butt of an elephant by…

  • Building Your Blog Community
    Joe Whyte has an excellent write up at the Search Marketing Standard blog on how to build up a blog community. He gives the classic ten point list, for his part one of a series in this column. Here is a quick summary of the ten point list: Network with…

  • Viacom To Sign With Joost Over Google’s YouTube
    Viacom Charts New Course Online at the Wall Street Journal reports that Viacom announced “broad licensing deal with Joost.” Joost is a like YouTube but they specialize in commercial video. The deal allows Joost to include “hundreds of hours of programming from Viacom cable networks such as MTV, Comedy Central…

  • YouTube Video Tag Optimization
    Jonathan Mendez’s 7 Ways to Optimize Your YouTube Tags has a more detailed look at optimizing your YouTube videos. Here are some of the tips in summary. Use relevant tags to describe the video Use as many relevant tags as possible Think long tail searches when it comes to…

  • Listing Of Lists Of Google Products
    Google has tons of products and services, they list some of their products here but there are many more. So I decided to compile a list of resources that list out many of Google products. So here is a listing of lists of Google products (say that ten times fast)….

  • Google Teaches Class At University Of Washington
    Google class debuts at the UW via the SeattlePI reports that Google is holding a class at the University Of Washington to teach a unique style of programming. Google software engineer, Chistophe Bisciglia, dreamt up the idea, to spend 10% of his Google time, teaching a class on “creating programming…

  • Let Google Drive Your Car For You
    Google wants to take over car driving at the Inquirer completely takes Larry Page’s quote out of context to write a hilarious article. Larry Page, Google co-founder, said “40,000 people die annually in US car crashes.” Page then “proposed giving computers control over cars” so that there will be fewer…

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