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SearchCap: The Day In Search, Feb. 26, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

  • Video Search
    Challenge Isn’t Speech Recognition, It’s Content Owner Management

    Millions of Videos, and Now a Way to Search Inside Them from the New York
    Times is a big giant love story to video search firm Blinkx, suggesting that
    the idea of finding video content will take a leap through new idea of speech
    recognition. In reality, it’s not…
  • Google Video
    Plus Box Results

    Philipp Lenssen spotted plus box results at Google for Google Video results.
    He noticed it for a search on nightwish videos, but I do not see it myself.
    For a screen capture check out Philipp’s Google Blogoscoped. We have covered
    two other plus box results in the past. Google "Plus…
  • Google AdWords
    To Show Advertisers Exactly Where Their Contextual Ads Are Displayed

    If you are an advertiser running Google AdWords on the content network, the
    only way to know where those ads are being run is to dig through raw logs and
    extract the content site URLs from the massively long AdWords referral
    strings. But in an article in the New York…
  • Google Checkout
    Australia Coming Soon?

    Is Google Checkout coming to Australia? It appears that Google registered
    Google Payment Australia PTY. LTD. in Australia recently, which could be a
    sign of that. A reader pointed me to the Australian Securities & Investments
    Commission web site that shows a record for a Google Australia payments
    company. On…
  • Google Ordered
    To Change AdSense Contract By South Korea’s Watchdog

    S. Korean watchdog orders Google to fix unfair contract clauses by Yonhap News
    (and see longer version here) reports that Google has been ordered to change
    its AdSense contract to be more publisher friendly. The Fair Trade Commission
    said the contract is currently enabling Google to "one-sidedly cancel
    advertisement deals"…
  • Pew Research:
    Wireless Internet Grows

    Amid an increasing body of consumer research showing that more Americans are
    using their mobile devices for more than just voice, The Pew Internet Project
    surveyed 1,623 U.S. adult Internet users in December, 2006. The survey broadly
    asked about wireless Internet access, whether on desktops, laptops or mobile
  • 2007 SEMPO
    Board of Directors Announced

    SEMPO has released the names of the 2007 board of directors. The board for
    2007 includes: Chris Boggs, Avenue A/Razorfish (reelected) Massimo Burgio,
    Global Search Interactive (new) Fionn Downhill, Elixir Systems (new) Dave
    Fall, DoubleClick Inc. (new) Duane Forrester, Sports Direct Inc. (new) Sara
    Holoubek, Free Agent Consultant (reelected, currently…
  • 3 Jump-Start
    Methods For Passionate Linking

    For a lot of people, link building is a drag. It’s like going to the dentist
    or writing that tax check every quarter… you don’t really want to do it but
    you know you have to. It’s that drag factor that makes a lot of people look
    for short…
  • NASA & Google
    Earth Color Earth With Near Real Time Information

    Garett Rogers summarizes a post at the Google Earth Blog explaining that
    Google and NASA now have added more KMLs (a file format used to display
    geographic data in an Earth browser) to Google Earth. The new files provide
    almost real-time information including: Sea Surface Temperature [KML File]
    Chlorophyll Concentration…
  • Google Steps Up
    Web Page Malware Notifications

    The Google Webmaster Central Blog announced that they are now stepping up
    malware notifications to webmasters. They are giving more detailed reports on
    the malware issues with a specific site and they are also sending email
    notifications to webmasters about these malware warnings. In the past, Google
    just posted a…

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