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SearchCap: The Day In Search, Feb. 7, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

  • Rand Fishkin’s
    Belated SuperBowl Proposal Gets A Yes

    Have you been wondering who the mystery guy was behind plans to pop the
    question to his girlfriend during a SuperBowl commercial last Sunday? Now you
    know — search marketer Rand Fishkin. Rand’s plans for the SuperBowl
    announcement didn’t happen, so it was backup plan time — a commercial
  • Google To Roll
    Out Fee-Based Google Apps?

    Google Steps Into Microsoft’s Office from BusinessWeek covers how Google
    appears ready to begin charging corporations for use of Google Apps, which is
    free at this time. I suspect the "subscription fee amounting to a few dollars
    per person per month" described in the article is to allow Google to…
  • Gmail Now
    Public Beta, Open To All

    Google Operating System reports that Google has opened up Gmail for anyone to
    sign up for a Gmail account. Some history of how getting into Gmail has
    evolved, below:…
  • Searching For
    "The Next Google"

    "Company X could be the next Google" is a platitude often bandied about by
    financial journalists or investment analysts touting typically obscure
    companies that could, potentially, score success on a Google-like scale. Most
    companies never come close to achieving Google’s financial or commercial
    success, of course. But say you were…
  • SideStep Raises
    $15 Million

    SideStep today announced that it raised $15 million in it’s Series C round,
    led by Norwest Venture Partners. Other VCs involved include Trident Capital,
    Leader Ventures and Saints Capital. To date, SideStep has raised aproximately
    $32 million. Competitor Kayak has raised $30 million….
  • Live Search
    SOAP API Out Of Beta

    The Live Search Blog announced that the Live Search SOAP API is now out of
    beta. In addition, they added some new features including more languages,
    increased search results, enhanced search tags, more local options, improved
    phone results and more coding samples….
  • Yahoo Adds
    Featured Search Builder Sites Box

    The Yahoo Search Blog announced that they have added a box to the home page in
    order to promote user generated search sites. Yahoo will feature selected
    sites that use the Yahoo Search Builder tool. If you want to ask Yahoo to
    feature your site, you can use this form…
  • Google Sends
    Mr. Schmidt To Washington

    Google Still Searching For Recognition in D.C. from the Washington Post covers
    how Google sent CEO Eric Schmidt to Washington yesterday. Schmidt had meetings
    with several important politicians and decision makers, but the article says
    Google’s still working to gain respect. The attention Google gets in the
    technology world and…
  • Kudos To
    National Pork Board For Apologies & Fundraising Efforts

    One more on the entire National Pork Board going up against search marketer
    and breastfeeding activist Jennifer Laycock. Jennifer has now received two
    letters of apology, plus the National Pork Board is backing a fundraising
    campaign for the Mother’s Milk Bank Of Ohio. Good move, National Pork Board!
    In addition,…
  • Name The Search
    Engine Land Gossip Column!

    Next week, Search Engine Land’s gossip column launches. OK, so it’s less
    gossip of the Valleywag style and more about "movers and shakers" and rumors
    stuff. Who is moving where? Who has already gone? What’s about to be launched
    that everyone’s trying to keep quiet? We wanted to have a…
  • Google Maps
    Australia Turns 30 Second Walk Into 18 Minutes Drive

    Send for the search party, Google gives a bum steer from the Sydney Morning
    Herald reports how the just launched service Google Australia Maps was dinged
    after someone discovered it turned a 30 second walk into a 18 minute car

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