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SearchCap: The Day In Search, Jan. 18, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

  • 2007 Guide To
    Linkbaiting: The Year Of Widgetbait?

    Way back in 2005 we started talking about linkbait, a term that was coined on
    Threadwatch which I owned and ran at the time. Linkbait was used to describe
    viral, linkable content designed to attract thousands of links. Shortly after
    that, I wrote The Art of Linkbaiting. It has been much cited over the last
    year or so. Today, though a few laggards are still blinking and looking
    confused whenever they hear the term, linkbaiting is recognized as the most
    effective way to build links for a site. As linkbaiting enters its third year,
    it makes sense to revisit the…
  • Google
    Billboard & Google Kiosk Coming?

    Clickz columnist Ryan Naraine wrote up some of his thoughts about a Google
    patent application (Allocating advertising space in a network of displays)
    that would enable advertising upon electronic displays and billboards in
    shopping centers and other places, in his article Google Patent Filing Hints
    at Digital Billboard Ad Network. While New Scientist wrote about the patent
    filing last week, and I had a writeup on it the day it was published, Ryan
    does a nice job of providing some context to how this electronic display
    network might work……
  • Boxxet Offers
    "Best Of" Collections On Popular Topics

    Boxxet is a new service which combines aspects of computer automation with
    community and social commentary and ranking systems to create "box sets" of
    web based content for specific topics. It’s an interesting idea—sort of a
    multimedia directory of links to web, news and blog content, photos, forums,
    online bookmarks and "stuff," products available for online purchase that
    relate to a particular subject. The idea is to filter the mass of information
    available online, presenting only the best or freshest content. While the
    resulting "box sets" are generally on topic, ironically, I found myself a bit
    overwhelmed more often than…
  • Google AdSense
    Updates Program Policies & Competitive Ads Policy

    Google AdSense updated their program policies today. While most of it was
    simply clarifying or officially making changes to policies (such as images
    next to ad units) they also made one major change to publishers who also use
    ad networks or in-house advertising with ad units that resemble AdSense ad
    units, or those who do ad rotation with AdSense and another ad network such as
    the Yahoo Publisher Network. And this could result in some unhappy webmasters
    who will need to make changes to their sites running AdSense as a result….
  • Yahoo TagMaps:
    Photos + Maps + Tags

    ResourceShelf and O’Reilly Radar discuss a new offering from Yahoo Research
    Berkeley, in California: TagMaps. TagMaps are something like the word "tag
    clouds" meeting maps and Flickr. There are currently three offered, as
    described from the TagMaps site: World Explorer: "Explorer is based on photos
    users upload to the Flickr website. The World Explorer engine analyzes the
    information tied to the photos (such as location and tags) to find the main
    ‘attractions’ in each location and in every zoom level and compute their
    ‘importance’ " NightExplorer: "Night Explorer is based on the exact same idea,
    only our computation only take…
  • First Google,
    Then Microsoft, Now Belgian Newspapers Take On Yahoo

    TheAge reports that Copiepresse, Belgium’s French-speaking newspapers, are now
    threatening to sue Yahoo for violating copyright laws. The group does not want
    Yahoo giving web users archived access to newspaper articles that the
    newspapers would otherwise charge for. It will be interesting to watch how
    Yahoo handles this….
  • JP Morgan
    Report Shows PayPal Dominating Google Checkout

    Via Search Engine Journal, JP Morgan released a report named Google Checkout
    vs. PayPal (PDF). The report shows that Google Checkout has potential but
    PayPal is still dominating the field. Here are the key points, as per the
    report: Surveyed about 1,100 online buyers in 2006 Google Checkout Adoption
    hits 6% in first year Google Checkout Users Skew Male, Affluent, and Young But
    Google Checkout Needs to Work Out Some Kinks PayPal Maintains Its Leadership
    Position. PayPal’s 42% penetration rate in 2006 was 7x that of Google
  • Will Paid
    Search Conquer The Mobile Internet?

    To say there’s a lot going on with mobile right now is to state something more
    than obvious. The carriers, the handset makers and the mobile content
    providers are in what amounts to a frenzy of competition and business
    development as they try and position themselves for what they see as the next
    really big opportunity: the mobile Internet….
  • Google’s
    Carolina Moves: $100 Million Tax Breaks In North, Server Farm Coming To South?

    Caldwell tries to land Google at the Citizen Times and Bidding War for Google:
    It’s Expensive, But What Is the Alternative? by the Local Tech Wire document
    how North Carolina is offering major tax breaks to Google in order to
    encourage Google to build a massive data center in their state. The Google
    data center is expected to require 210 new jobs and take up possibly 150 acres
    of land. In exchange for this, North Carolina is offering a $100 million tax
    break over the next 30 years. But it is not just North Carolina that wants
    Google’s name, South…
  • Star Your
    Favorite Questions at Yahoo Answers

    Yahoo is now allowing users to vote for their favorite questions at Yahoo
    Answers by adding a star next to interesting or high-quality questions.
    Similar to Flickr’s “Interestingness

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