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SearchCap: The Day In Search, Jan. 29, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

  • News Search + Personalization + Social Media = Wikio
    Wikio is a relatively new startup that blends articles from major news web sites and blogs with commentary and tags from Wikio users. It also offers powerful search and customization options that go beyond what you find at most other “media harvesting” sites on the web. Google News offers personalization,…

  • Are You Linkbaiting The Right Audience
    Last summer, I was asked for my personal definition of the term "linkbait."In a column titled Link Bait Kool-Aid, I wrote that linkbait was "more or less anything you create anywhere on the web that inspires other people to link to it." The link to your bait can come…

  • Google TV Rumors Not Legit
    Over the weekend two YouTube videos were released, the first named How to Sign Up for GoogleTV Beta and then a follow up named UPDATE: GoogleTV Beta. Both are attempts by the video author to prove that Google TV is a real thing. But so far, everyone reporting this, knocks…

  • Google’s Brin Calls China Censorship A “Net Negative”
    China censorship damaged us, Google founders admit at The Guardian has a quote from one of Google’s founders, Sergey Brin, when asked about Google censoring content in China, “On a business level, that decision to censor… was a net negative.”…

  • Trust In How To Get Good SEO Clients
    How to Get Good SEO Clients by Aaron Wall clearly explains that earnings respect and trust in the SEO community is a vital ingredient in getting good SEO clients. Ranking well for “SEO” or “SEM,” Aaron says, is not enough, in “fields which have a bad reputation.” So how do…

  • Google To Build Second Life Metaverse On Google Earth In China?
    Over the past week, there were many rumors that Google is pondering building out a Second Life like application. Michael Eisenberg’s Google Earth as a Virtual World kicked it off, stating, that heard a rumor “through the PhD grapevine” that Google is working on such an application. Techcrunch quickly picked…

  • Topix.net And Tribune In Mutual Classifieds Syndication Deal
    Back in March, 2006 newspaper publishers The Tribune Co., Gannett and KnightRidder (now McClatchy) acquired 75% of news aggregation and community site Topix.net. But with the exception of a minor placement of a “contextually relevant news” box on content pages of some of those sites, the newspaper owners haven’t done…

  • YouTube to Begin Revenue Sharing for Video Providers
    The BBC is reporting that they are in talks with Google to begin revenue sharing advertising revenue when their videos are shown on YouTube. Few details are known yet, but rollout of the new revenue providing model could begin as quickly as within the next couple of months. And this…

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