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SearchCap: The Day In Search, Jan. 9, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

  • Free Webinar
    this Thursday: Measuring Search Success 2007

    I’d like to extend a personal invitation to all search marketers to attend the
    second webinar from our sister site Search Marketing Now. The topic is
    Measuring Search Success 2007. I’ll be presenting the webinar this coming
    Thursday, January 11, at 1pm Eastern time. The webinar is free to attend.
    You’ll find more information and registration info here….
  • 25 Tips To
    Optimize Your Blog For Readers & Search Engines

    Everyone and their dog (yes, there are a few dogs out there with their own
    blogs) have started up a blog these days, but many people just aren’t taking
    the steps needed to optimize their blogs for both readers and search engines.
    While blogs can be business related (another blog about mesothelioma anyone?)
    they can also be personal where you talk about the great ham sandwich you had
    for lunch today or the crappy service you had at that trendy restaurant last
    night. But whether your blog is business or personal, you should ensure that
    you are optimizing your blog…
  • Fraudwall, New
    Anti-ClickFraud Company Funded

    Fraudwall, a new company formed by Ron Conway, a well-known Internet investor,
    and Jim Pitkow, formerly Moreover’s CEO, has raised millions in venture
    capital according to this article in Venture Beat. The company is saying
    little about its approach, although a LinkedIn profile of Fraudwall’s CTO Marc
    Brown says: "Fraudwall provides online advertisers with a solution that
    identifies click fraud by leveraging expertise in statistics, user modeling,
    machine learning, and IP forensics. The company was founded by a team of
    serial entreprenuers and distinguished researchers. Fraudwall is currently
    hiring A+ researchers, engineers, and other exceptional individuals!"…
  • A Big List of
    Search Marketing Blogs

    Can’t get enough about search marketing each day? Lee Odden has a cure for
    information underload: A huge list of more than 250 search marketing blogs,
    updated every Friday (here’s the list of new blogs added last Friday). Have a
    blog and want to get added to the list? Simply link to the list and Lee will
    see the link in his stats, which will prompt him to look at your blog (this is
    also a brilliant link baiting strategy—Kudos, Lee!). Lee is also providing an
    OPML file so you can easily import all 250+ blogs into your own feed…
  • Yahoo China
    Morphing Into A Business Portal

    Yahoo China is transforming itself into a business-oriented search engine, in
    part to deal with crushing competition from Baidu.com and portal Sina.com. "If
    Yahoo is going to win, it has to do so in a new way," said Jack Ma, CEO of
    e-commerce company Alibaba Group, which runs Yahoo’s China operations in an
    interview with The Associated Press in China. Baidu is the search king in
    China, with nearly 64% market share, according to a recent Wall Street Journal
    article. Yahoo China has just an 8% share, after Google China’s 19% share. The
    move comes little more than a year…
  • Google Moon,
    Google Mars, Now Google Universe? Google Partnership With Space Telescope
    Project May Make UniTube Possible

    Google to help build telescope from the Associated Press covers Google looking
    again to space as a new frontier. This time, the company is getting involved
    with the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope. To be built in Chile, the LSST is
    planned to scan the sky on a continuous basis, which should allow "movie-like"
    looks at the universe. It’s expected to open in 2013, with a price tag of $350
    million from public and private funds. And Google’s putting up how much?
    That’s not said. Apparently exactly what Google is to do remains undefined.
    From the press release, we only…
  • Google A "Frenemy"
    of Traditional Media?

    Spotted via Paid Content, Google an ally, not a threat, media exec says is an
    interview with David Eun, vice president of content partnerships, the former
    NBC and Time Warner Inc. executive and Google’s ambassador to the television,
    movie, publishing and local-media industries. with the LA Times Chris Gaither.
    Google has no intention of competing with traditional media by creating
    content, says Eun. Nonetheless, many media companies remain wary of Google
    even as they craft distribution deals. That’s unjustified, says Eun. "When
    people say we’re to be feared, I never quite know what to make of that. You
    can always…
  • Google Named
    Fortune’s Best Place To Work, But Rich Early Employees Checking Out

    Google — officially the best place to work. So says the latest survey from
    Fortune. But then again, Google’s got to keep the standards high as pre-IPO
    employees leave. A San Francisco Chronicle article also out covers how
    one-third of Google’s first 300 employees have gone, along with some comments
    on the culture getting more conservative. And to cap things off, those rich
    Googlers once again mean tax dollars for California….
  • Yahoo Acquires
    MyBlogLog & More On How It Works

    After several weeks of rumors, Yahoo has officially announced it has agreed to
    purchase the MyBlogLog service. I’ve used the service for several weeks on my
    personal blog Daggle and the Daily SearchCast and found it pretty compelling.
    I’ve just added it now to Search Engine Land. It allows you to easily let
    anyone join and see your "blog community." You’ll find some discussion of the
    sale via Techmeme here and here. Below, I’ll cover more on the basics of how
    it works from blog surfer and blog owner perspective. MyBlogLog works by
    having you insert JavaScript tracking code on…

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