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SearchCap: The Day In Search, March 14, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

  • The Big Viacom
    Sues GOOG & YouTube Roundup

    Yesterday, news came out about Viacom suing Google for $1 billion over alleged
    video copyright infringement on YouTube. With some dust settling, I thought it
    would be helpful to recap some of the analysis out there. I’m pulling this
    roundup mostly from coverage you’ll find on Techmeme. Come along, and…
  • Microsoft
    Announces Tellme Acquisition

    Here’s the press release confirming the acquisition we reported on
  • Google Searches
    Used In Murder Trial

    Techdirt spotted a case where prosecutors used the search results of a
    defendant to help with their case. Allegedly, a woman searched for "how to
    commit murder," "instant poisons," "undetectable poisons," and "fatal digoxin
    doses," days before her husband was murdered. As the Daily Record reports the
    State Police digital…
  • AOL Offers New
    Local Search Format

    AOL, which was one of the early players in local and has recently fallen
    behind, has now launched a new look and feel local search. The centerpiece is
    MapQuest maps plus content and ratings from AOL Cityguide (formerly Digital
    Cities). Here’s an example search for "Sushi, New York City." It’s…
  • The 5 Secrets
    PPC Agencies Don’t Want You to Know

    Nearly three-fourths of companies that outsource their pay-per-click search
    marketing to agencies are dissatisfied with their results, and only 21 percent
    are completely satisfied, according to a Jupiter Research published late last
    year. What causes this dissatisfaction, especially for B2B marketers? There
    are five factors at work:…
  • Microsoft Inks
    Distribution Deal With Lenovo

    Buyers of Lenovo computers, including ThinkPad notebooks, ThinkCentre
    desktops, Lenovo 3000 PCs and Lenovo-brand PCs available in China will soon
    have Windows Live software and and Windows Live Toolbar preinstalled on their
    machines. This is a minor coup for Microsoft. Lenovo computers (many branded
    with the IBM logo) previously shipped…
  • Ask’s Guerrilla
    Marketing Campaign Against Google

    Via Valleywag, Ask.com appears to be running a guerrilla marketing campaign in
    the UK designed to seem like a grassroots effort against a Google monopoly in
    search. The picture above, taken by Ben Werdmuller, shows one of the
    campaign’s ads on the London Underground. The ad directs you to…

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