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SearchCap: The Day In Search, March 26, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

  • Logo Bomb:
    Google Maps Returns Anti-Microsoft Logo For Microsoft Listing

    Garett Rogers at Googling Google has reported that a search on Google Maps for
    microsoft has returned an anti-Microsoft image within the Microsoft listing,
    as shown to the left. The image was originally on a Yelp.com page and
    automatically inserted into the Google Maps result. It appears to now…
  • Getting Link
    Love From Google Custom Search Engines

    I’ve written previously about Google Custom Search Engines. These vertical
    Googlettes let anyone create a search engine with results based on Google’s
    index, with an added layer of human editorial selection.Put more simply, you
    create a Google CSE; you select the sites you want in it, and then you let…
  • No SEO Bull:
    Calacanis Challenge Sees Traffic Rise 21%

    Neil Patel challenged Jason Calacanis, who said last month that SEO is bull,
    that SEO can improve traffic to his site. Jason accepted the challenge and the
    early results have now been posted. Neil shows that by making "white hat"
    recommendation, he has increased Jason’s search traffic by 21 percent….
  • Google Builds
    Local Map Content in 3D

    In January, Google announced a contest in which US and Canadian students were
    invited to generate their college campuses in 3D, using Google Sketchup. A few
    individuals or teams whose works are judged to be the best will be flown to
    Google headquarters in Mountain View for a special…
  • Yell.com
    Launches PPC On UK Directory Site

    UK yellow pages publisher and local search purveyor, Yell.com announced that
    it launched PPC ads on its site as well as targeted banner inventory. Yell
    owns U.S. yellow pages publisher Yellow Book USA. One of the more innovative
    print yellow pages publishers, Yell also offers mobile, enhanced mapping,
    vertical guides…
  • Rebranded
    Canadian Local Search Site ZipLocal Launches

    ZipLocal is a new, consolidated "Web 2.0" local search destination growing out
    of a number of earlier local search sites including Zip411.net and
    redToronto.com, among them. Here’s an example results page for "Sushi ,
    Toronto." The site has many Ajax features and offers send to mobile, as well
    as the…
  • Google Gives
    Seminar On Google for Politics

    Google canvasses for political ads at the LA Times reports that Google gave a
    seminar at the annual conference for political consultants and internet
    activists run by George Washington University. The seminar, "Making the Most
    of Google in 2008," saw Google advising how groups can use Google services to
  • Live.com Link
    Command Currently Offline

    The Microsoft Live.com link command operator is currently offline and has been
    offline since yesterday morning. Kevin Gibbons reported yesterday that a
    link:http://www.msn.com returns a blank page. I tested more examples and have
    seen it down since at least 5:27 AM (EST) yesterday morning. All other
    searches seem to work,…
  • Google
    Continues Testing Navigational Link Placement

    It appears we have more sightings of Google experimenting with additional
    navigational link placement ideas. These are links that let you reach various
    Google search services beyond web search….
  • Yahoo Removes
    Directory Links From Individual Search Results

    Yahoo Removes Category (Directory) Links From Under Search Results at Search
    Engine Roundtable reports that Yahoo has removed the links from the individual
    search listings to the Yahoo Directory….
  • Yahoo Releases
    Greatly Simplified "SiteBuilder" Tool

    How many U.S. small businesses have websites? Is it 30%, 40%, 50%? Answering
    that question gets quickly into debates over the definition of a "website."
    For example, is a "landing page" or a "profile page" a website? Do the small
    business data provided by InfoUSA, Axciom, Localeze, TruelLocal (and now…
  • TimeSearch:
    Searching Through History

    TimeSearch is an interestingly different search engine, since the focus is
    just on time, as one may expect from the name. It’s the brainchild of Bamber
    Gascoigne, (a well known British television presenter of historical programmes
    and academic quiz shows) and HistoryWorld. The search options are fairly
    limited – to…
  • Travelocity:
    Non-Branded Terms Convert Nearly 25% But "Assists" Might Be Less Than Assumed

    Earlier this month, Travelocity’s chief marketing officer Jeffrey Glueck
    generated a bit of a stir in the search marketing world after giving a speech
    saying his company found only 4 percent of non-branded search terms brought in
    bookings. Problem is, Glueck now says those figures weren’t reported
    correctly. As it…
  • Comparing
    Search Popularity Ratings: Google Climbs & Good News For Live.com

    Previously, I’ve covered individually the latest search popularity figures for
    February 2007 in the United States that have been issued by the major ratings
    services of comScore, Nielsen//NetRatings, Hitwise and Compete. Now it’s time
    to compare the figures from each of these services against each other plus
    look back over…
  • Register Now
    For SMX Advanced 2007 Seattle!

    Just a quick reminder for our SearchCap newsletter readers and anyone who
    visits Search Engine Land. Our first Search Marketing Expo event, SMX
    Advanced, happens in Seattle this June 4 and 5. We hope you’ll be attending.
    If so, register before April 2 to save on getting a ticket! The…

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