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SearchCap: The Day In Search, September 13, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Google Backs
    Private Moon Landing With Google Lunar X PRIZE

    It has nothing to do with organizing the world’s information — but I don’t
    care, it’s pretty cool. Google’s backing a private moon landing. In
    particular, it’s putting up $30 million for the Google Lunar X PRIZE, a
    contest for private landings on the moon….
  • The New Google

    Google Moon went live back in July 2005 with relatively low resolution images
    of our closest neighbor. In conjunction with today’s news about Google backing
    private moon landings through the Google Lunar X PRIZE, a new version of
    Google Moon has been released….
  • A Crucial SEO
    Element: Web Site Credibility

    Part of making a site a success from an SEO standpoint is making it credible
    and trustworthy. Being trustworthy means a site is more likely to draw high
    quality organic links, more likely to be mentioned in the press, and more
    likely to convert for consumers in your target…
  • Local SEO For
    Retail Store Locators

    Many companies have brick-and-mortar locations spread out across the country
    or around the world, and most have some type of store locator utility on their
    websites. Restaurant chains, hotels, retailers, service providers, and more
    will frequently have a substantial web presence coupled with the desire to
    make it easy…
  • The Power Of
    Branding For Small Business, Part Two

    People often associate brands with money. And lots of it. Generally, if you
    try to run a branding campaign such as you see from big companies like Target,
    you certainly will have to fork over a big chunk of change. But we small
    business owners don’t have that kind…
  • Yahoo MapMixer
    & Shop By Color

    Yahoo has released two products that have come out of its Hack Days: Shop By
    Color which lets you use Yahoo Shopping to find products matching colors, and
    MapMixer, which allows you to layer your own maps over Yahoo Maps….
  • Your Guide To
    The Google Jet

    It’s now confirmed that NASA has granted Google’s cofounders landing rights
    for their private jet at Moffett Field. That’s a NASA-run airport practically
    next door to Google, now making the founders the envy of other Silicon Valley
    execs who could only dream of the same. With the news out, it…

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