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Searching For Super Bowl XLI

The Super Bowl is known by advertisers as one of the biggest marketing events of the year, but do search ads play a part of that? Reprise Media released this years Super Bowl Search Marketing Scorecard that explains that although there were improvements from last year, this year was still lacking in terms of integrating their offline and online ad efforts.

The study also claims that marketers used poor call-to-actions in their ads and lacked in driving users to interact with their brands online. So how did each advertiser rate? The PDF score card puts SalesGenie.com, Snickers and GoDaddy in the touchdown box, but Ford, Doritos and T-Mobile in the fumble category.

Speaking of Doritos, they teamed up with Yahoo to hold the Crash the Super Bowl. They just announced Wes Phillips (age 22) and Dale Backus (age 21) are the winners of the promotion. You can see all five finalists and the winners at http://www.crashthesuperbowl.com/.

Finally, if you missed any of the commercials, Gary Price notes that Ask.com has a Smart Answer for super bowl commercials.

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