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TikTok launches Inventory Filters for safe ad placements

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TikTok launches Inventory Filters for safe ad placements

The solution provides advertisers with more control over the content that appears around their In-Feed Ads.

on July 12, 2022 at 10:00 am | Reading time: 3 minutes

TikTok recognizes that not all of the content on its platform will resonate with all viewers. The Inventory Filter provides brands with options to show or not show their content near brands or videos that aren’t similar in nature. The solution is embedded in the TikTok Ads Manager and empowers advertisers with the options to choose where their content is displayed.

What does it mean. The TikTok Inventory Filters give advertisers three layers and tiers of video inventory. These tiers are created by TikTok’s own policies as well as industry-standard GARM Brand Safety Floor and Brand Suitability Frameworks. Advertisers can choose their desired tier within the Ads Manager.

What are the tiers. With the Inventory Filter, the tiers contain videos that have been evaluated based on risk levels based on industry standards. Those risk levels are:

  • Floor Content (violates TikTok’s community guidelines, terms of service and/or intellectual property)
  • High Risk Content (glamorization or gratuitous depiction of mature themes)
  • Medium Risk Content (fictional or entertainment depiction of mature themes)
  • Low Risk Content (educational depiction of mature themes)

Considering these levels of content categorization, the TikTok Inventory Filter will then assess which videos to exclude from a given tier. As a result, the maturity of the themes present in each tier will vary accordingly as follows:

  • Full Inventory: Excludes any “Floor” content that has been removed by robust moderation against TikTok’s Community Guidelines and some “High Risk” content. In this tier, ads may appear next to some content featuring mature themes.
  • Standard Inventory: Excludes “Floor” and “High Risk” content. Ads will appear next to content that is appropriate for most brands, but may contain some mature themes.
  • Limited Inventory: Excludes all risk levels (from “Floor” to “Low Risk”). Ads will appear next to content that does not contain mature themes.

At TikTok, we strive to create meaningful tools that empower brands to connect with our community and drive business impact. When we innovate for advertisers – from ideation through to implementation – brand safety, suitability and media effectiveness are never afterthoughts, but instead baked into our processes every step of the way,” said Jon Schmucler, Global Head of Product Marketing, Measurement at TikTok. “With the launch of the TikTok Inventory Filter, we are taking a major step forward with our ability to offer brands even more robust control over their advertising environment, all while laying a strong technical foundation for future innovation in suitability, customization and measurement for our brand partners.

Early results. TikTok reported that hundreds of brands tested the Inventory Filter and every campaign saw “exceptional results.” You can read more insights as well as the full blog post announcement from TikTok here.

Who can use the Inventory Filters.TikTok’s new Inventory Filter is now available to advertisers in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam.

Why we care.While TikTok is no stranger to controversy, the new Inventory Filters should hopefully give some advertisers peace of mind when it comes to where their content is showing. If you’re advertising on TikTok, you should utilize the filters to ensure safer ad placements.

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