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Yahoo Adds New Ad Tools & Reporting; Google Changes Reports Interface

Yahoo has announced several new advertising features for their search marketing platform. You can now write ads faster, quickly check your quality score and create and save up to 45 customized reports.

Google also announced changes to their AdWords reporting engine. Now, the Google AdWords reports are now more similar to the reports and graphs you see at Google Analytics.

Yahoo’s feature announcement:

Writing Ads
You can now write and save up to twenty ads at a time. In addition, you can compare your ads to your competitors, side-by-side, all on one screen. Finally, Yahoo also gives you their “best practices cheat sheet” directly on that page as well.

Quality Score Data
Yahoo will now update the quality score of your ads every thirty days. If your quality score is low, Yahoo will let you know via email. Yahoo has also added the number of low quality score ads in your account on the Account Summary page.

Finally, Yahoo now allows you to create and save up to 45 customized reports. So you can now go to your reporting section, create reports tailored to your needs and save that format for future use.

Google Reporting Upgrade:
On the Google front, the new user interface, although very slick, is frowned upon by many AdWords Advertisers. As reported at the Search Engine Roundtable, most advertisers are finding these reports slower and harder to use.

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