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Yahoo Click Fraud Settlement Approved

Search Engine Watch
has news that
a settlement in the Checkmate click fraud

against Yahoo has received final approval by the judge overseeing the
case. Those with claims were required to file by November 20 of last year,
following instructions at the
Checkmate Settlement
site. Here’s the Yahoo statement they’re giving to the
press from Reggie Davis, Yahoo’s
newly appointed
click fraud czar:

Judge Snyder’s final approval of the settlement validates the strength of
Yahoo’s clickthrough protection systems and our commitment to delivering a
quality experience to both our advertisers and our consumers. Our commitment
does not stop here. Quality is a top priority for Yahoo and we have a clear
roadmap for how we’re going to create the highest quality search advertising
network in the industry

I have a question out to Yahoo about what the next step is — do people
finally get settlement amounts or what?

Andy Beal, News.com
also has some
additional background.

Postscript: Some more information I received from Brian Kabateck, of
Kabateck Brown Kellner, the firm that led the case against Yahoo.

Q. Can you update me on the next steps? My understanding is that the
class is now set, and if you didn’t get in, you can’t claim under this. Right?

The class is closed. If you made a claim, Yahoo now has an obligation to
contact you and discuss the claim and review your clicks (all of them) from
January 1, 2004 to June 30, 2006.

Q I also understand that at some point, click claims will be submitted
for review. When does that start? When’s the close date? When will the final
decision on all claims be made? And when will a final amount of what’s been
awarded be released?

I don’t know when the process will conclude, but the process includes a
chance for anyone to have the Yahoo decision reviewed by a retired federal
judge. The payment will be made as soon as the review is complete.

Q. Also, how many opted out of the settlement?

Less than 20, I believe

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