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Yahoo Launches Mobile Ad Network & Mobile Publisher Services

Yahoo has

a new Yahoo Mobile
Publisher Services
site designed to offer one-stop shopping
for publishers that want to get mobile content into Yahoo in various ways. In
particular, the services offered will be:

  • Yahoo Mobile Ad Network: Will put ads out through Yahoo’s mobile
    network. Includes display ads, sponsored links and oddly, "video or in-game
  • Yahoo Mobile Content Engine: A special search engine designed to
    carry mobile-specific material, which will power the Yahoo oneSearch service.
  • Yahoo Mobile Media Directory: A directory of mobile content,
    compiled by human editors.
  • Yahoo Mobile Site Submit: The ability to submit presumably to
    Yahoo’s mobile content engine.

The new Yahoo Mobile Ad Network includes launch partners
MobiTV (announcement
), Opera and go2. From the Yahoo press release:

Launch partners in the Yahoo! Mobile Ad Network include MobiTV, the global
leader in mobile and broadband television and music services, Opera, the
leading provider of Web browsers for mobile devices, and go2, the leading
location-enabled mobile content network in the U.S. The first advertisements
will go live in the second quarter of 2007. Yahoo! plans to expand the number
of partners in the Yahoo! Mobile Ad Network over the coming months.

Yahoo Pushes
oneSearch To Most Mobile Phones
from us last week covers more about Yahoo
oneSearch. Yahoo already has an existing mobile directory and submit page for
that here. A much more
improved support service is apparently coming. Again from the release:

  • The Yahoo! Mobile Site Submit will allow publishers to provide information
    about their mobile site, such as a description and relevant tags, to ensure
    that their sites are accurately indexed and available to consumers through
    Yahoo! oneSearch. For example, a hotel could submit their mobile site,
    including description and tag, enabling weekend travelers to find their
    location and see if they still have rooms available through Yahoo! oneSearch.

  • The Yahoo! Mobile Content Engine will allow publishers to make their
    content, such as listings or articles, discoverable to consumers by
    integrating it into Yahoo! oneSearch(TM). For example, a real estate company
    could publish a list of homes for sale, enabling a consumer to find them and
    get the detailed listing information they need all through Yahoo! oneSearch.
  • The Yahoo! Mobile Media Directory will allow publishers to make their
    mobile media content accessible directly through Yahoo! oneSearch. Publishers
    could submit a catalog of their content such as ringtones, games, video and
    applications. Yahoo! Mobile Media Directory will combine Yahoo!’s editorial
    expertise, innovative search technology and the power of ratings and reviews
    from the Yahoo! community to drive discovery of mobile media. For example, a
    mobile game publisher could submit a list of their games, enabling a consumer
    to more easily discover a game, get relevant information like ratings and
    reviews all through Yahoo! oneSearch, as well as go to the publishers’ mobile
    site to get the game.

Yahoo to Offer a Network for Web Ads on Cellphones
from the New York Times
has a few more details, and Techmeme has related coverage
here. Expect a revisit
from us when more details actually go live.

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