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Yahoo Launches Suggestion Boards – Digg Community Upset

Yesterday Yahoo announced the launch of their new “suggestion boards.” Yahoo says that these new boards enable “you can browse suggestions from other site visitors or post your own. Digg-style voting means we can quickly discover what’s most important to users.” In fact, these have been live for a while, I specifically noticed the SiteExplorer Board at least a few months ago.

Techcrunch reports that many from the Digg community are upset with Yahoo over this announcement. The top level Digg message said that Yahoo “ripped off the Digg interface.” To be fair, Yahoo did give credit to Digg in their post and as Techcrunch explains the “purpose of the site [Yahoo Suggestion Boards] has nothing to do with finding and promoting news stories”

The current live Yahoo Suggestion Boards include: Answers, Autos, Autos Custom, My Yahoo!, Pipes, Real Estate, Site Explorer, Travel, TV, Upcoming.org, Yahoo! Developer Network, and Yahoo! Developer Network Gallery. More details at Yahoo Yodel.

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