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Yahoo.com Adds Search Suggestions

The Yahoo Search Blog announced that the search box on Yahoo.com now offers search suggestions as you type.

For example, as I started typing “danny s”, Yahoo offered suggestions, including “danny sullivan.”

yahoo search suggest

What is important to note is that search suggestions are not the default at search.yahoo.com. Don’t like the search suggestions at Yahoo? No worries, you can turn them off by clicking on “more” and then selecting “Disable Search Suggestions,” as I show in this screen capture.

disable yahoo search suggest

Danny gives some further background about how Yahoo and others have used predictive query refinement options over the years in Yahoo Search Suggest Launches, Saves Typing at our new Sphinn site. What’s that site? He’ll post formally about it later today.

Finally, Gary Price goes through some of the other engines offering search suggest by default including Snap.com and Ask.com.

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