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Yahoo's Anti-Spam Guy Tim Converse Leaving

Yahoo’s lost a number of executives over the past year to small start-ups.
Now count another one, especially close to home for search marketers.
Tim Converse, the
engineering manager who leads anti-spam efforts at Yahoo, is moving on to a
start-up himself. Tim

on his personal blog:

I’ve been mulling this one for a while, but finally had to pull the
trigger. I’ll be leaving Yahoo! Search at the end of the month, and going to a
small startup.

The decision was hard, because there is absolutely nothing wrong with my
Yahoo! job. The people in Engineering, Research and Applied Research (the last
of those being where I currently work) are both top-flight and really nice.
The company has been good to me, and kept giving me more scope and new
interesting problems to work on. And I am proud of the team that I’ve put
together over the last couple of years….

Why am I leaving? Well, it’s mostly just that I’ve never worked for a
startup before (well, except for a couple of very unfunded and very small ones
:)), and have always wanted to mix it up a little betwen startups and bigcorps.
I’ll blog more about the particular startup later, but suffice it to say that
there’s an odd convergence of both people and subject matter from a couple of
different phases of my life

Best of luck, Tim!

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