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4 SEO Tweaks to Transform Q4 Sales

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4 SEO Tweaks to Transform Q4 Sales

Adapt to recent Google updates while maximizing brand visibility, traffic and sales potential in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

on October 12, 2022 at 7:00 am | Reading time: 2 minutes

SEO drives 43% of all website traffic and helps brands reduce paid search costs. During the shopping-heavy holiday season, SEO becomes even more important as ready-to-purchase consumers search for specific products. It’s time to bet on smart SEO strategies and pay attention to sales-impacting updates Google has made to its search algorithms.

Just over the last five weeks, Google has introduced four big changes that affect page rankings, as well as the way brands’ products are displayed in search results: Helpful Content Update, the September core update, the product experiences update and the September 2022 product reviews update.

These changes can mean more opportunity for bands’ products to show up in Google search results as well as higher rankings for pages with thoughtful content. EXCLUSIVE tracked how these changes impacted their clients’ traffic and examined ways these clients can use the updates to drive traffic and revenue.

Join EXCLUSIVE on Weds., October 19th to learn how to adapt to Google’s recent updates while maximizing exposure and sales potential in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We’ll cover:

  • Product structured data updates that drive high-intent clicks
  • How Google’s Helpful Content update can impact SEO and your content strategy
  • Achieving better search visibility with event-specific holiday pages.
  • Feeding better data to Performance Max through SEO by optimizing content for the full funnel.
  • Effective ways to coordinate SEO and PPC efforts & budgets


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