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AdSense For Domains Opt Out Coming To AdWords Advertisers

I reported at the Search Engine Roundtable that Google has said they will be allowing AdWords advertisers to opt out of the AdSense for Domains product.

I quoted AdWordsAdvisors2 from a WebmasterWorld thread as saying:

We are working on making it simpler for advertisers who don’t want to show on domain sites or error pages to exclude them.

AdSense for Domains, also known as DomainPark, is a product of much controversy. Google places ads from AdWords campaigns on parked domains and match the relevancy of those ads based on the words found in the domain name of the site. In fact, Google was sued for trademark and typosquatting for ads being displayed on typosquatter’s domains.

On the advertiser side, many feel that AdSense For Domains does not give them the return on investment that they are expect. They have been asking Google for choice over if they want their ads to be shown on parked domain sites or not.

It now appears that Google is working toward providing that choice. I currently do not have an expected date of completion for this feature.

Note From Danny:
It’s important to understand that some people think they’ve opted out of AdSense For Domains if they opt out of contextual ads altogether. Not so. Do that, and you’re opted out of paid links on parked domains that people browse and find, by clicking. But if someone does an actual search there (search boxes are almost always provided), then you’ll get traffic from parked domains that way, if you’re accepting traffic from the search network. It’s confusing and one reason why I’ve long wanted Google to make AdSense For Domains an entirely separate purchase.

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