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Advanced Local Search Optimization Tips

Extreme Local Search Optimization Tactics by Chris Silver Smith of SuperPages.com at the Natural Search Blog has given us seven “extreme” local SEO tips we might try in our local SEO campaigns. Here they are in short.

(1) Use keywords in your business name title.
(2) Use “A” in the first part of your business name, some local search engines list business alphabetically.
(3) Move your business to a more populated area.
(4) Get a listing in the directories for each location your business provides services in.
(5) Lobby for your street address to be changed to keywords about your business.
(6) Get people to improve your business ratings on the local search engines.
(7) Use city/location nicknames on your page text.

Beyond the extreme, the basic methods include including your phone number on your pages, including your business address and methods we have discussed many times in the past.

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