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Apple iPhone Craze: A Search Volume Look

Hitwise sent me some data on the search volume for the term “iPhone.” As many of you know, Apple is releasing the iPhone this Friday, and the press and craze over this product is unprecedented. Just take a glance at the coverage at Techmeme and you can see, the news reports are overwhelming, to say the least. I thought it would be interesting to show you some of the search volume trends we have seen for the term “iPhone”.

Hitwise told us that searches for “iphone” have increased 583 percent over the past four weeks, leading up to the June 29th launch. With that, visits to Apple’s iPhone page have increased 185 percent over the same time period, May 26, 2007 to the week ending June 23. Google Trends shows a spike in searches for iPhone as well.

The chart below shows the search share for the term iPhone:

iPhone Search Share

The chart below shows the demographics for users searching on these terms:

iPhone Search Demographics

Here is the Google Trends chart of the term iphone:

iphone google trends

Finally, right now, iphone review is the 83rd most “hot trend” in Google Trends.

My personal thoughts? Some of you know I am an Apple nut. I am typing this on my Apple Pro keyboard, looking at my Apple Cinema Display, which is attached to my Apple MayBook Pro. I own tons of Apple goodies, from desktops to laptops, mice to keyboards, iPods to iTunes. I personally wrote about the iPhone on my personal blog several times:

iPhone Reviews Are Out; Mostly Positive
I’m First for the Apple iPhone
Second Thoughts on Apple’s iPhone
Verzion Turned Down Apple’s iPhone! Say It Ain’t So!

Will I be getting it now? No, but I would love to. Reason I won’t be getting it is because I am in contract with Verizon right now. But I would switch as soon as I possibly can. Heck, it would make a nice gift from a blog reader – hint hint (just kidding).

So, are you crazed about the Apple iPhone?

Postscript: Comscore just released stats saying, “iPhone-Related Searches Generate More Than 2 Million Click-Thrus to Apple.com Since Beginning of 2007.”

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