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Ask City Adds Embed Map Feature

First Google got embedded maps last month, and now Gary Price reports that Ask City has added an embed map feature that makes it easy to post a map or various local business directly on your web site as an image.

For example, let’s say I want to meet up with a bunch of my friends at a local pizza shop. I can embed a map of those local pizza shops on my blog, have my friends review them and then we can decide.

Here is an example of that in action:

(1) First I locate pizza stores in a local area. As you can see, I added a circle around the area using the drawing tools.

(2) Click the embed link at the top of the page, it looks like this:

Ask City Embed

(3) Pick a small or medium or large version of the map.

(4) Copy the code from the box.

(5) Embed the code in your blog.

You should see pizza stores in the 10010 area just below this line:

Notice how the embed feature also shows what I have drawn on the map, using the drawing tools.

Gary Price has a lot more detail on this new feature at ResourceShelf.

Postscript: The Ask.com Blog has now posted a summary of this new feature.

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