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But Can You Get Google Health On Your Google Phone?

Last week’s rumors about the Gphone not enough for you? Rumors the week
before not enough? My
Gphone: Google Phone Timeline
of rumors over the past three years not
enough? Fine. Below are some more, along with a look at the hype build-up for
the phone compared to similar hype we had for Google Health.

Introducing the Google Phone
from the Boston Globe covers Google showing a
prototype to a small number of people, with Google itself continuing to say
nothing. We learn one prototype had horizontal icon scrolling, wasn’t as flashy
as the iPhone and had a small QWERTY keyboard.

Meanwhile, Om Malik gets inspired, asks around and in
Five Facts About
Google Phone
, tells us some things we’ve heard before, that it might run on
Linux and that HTC probably made several prototypes. He had a few other tidbits
that don’t make the phone sound that different than some other phones.

At this point, the hype about Google Phone is feeling like the hype over
Google Health. You remember Google Heath, right?

Back in early 2006, Adam Bosworth was
noted as being "architect,
Google Health," which got all the world awaiting some major health product from
Google. Two months later, we got the big Google Health news from Google — that
some health care sites had tagged their pages. Ho hum. Later that year, Bosworth

that this was the extent of any Google Health product and that there
might not be more "for quite some time."

Last month, we got some
that show more info of what seems to be the real Google Health product — a
somewhat unimpressive list of forms you fill out to keep a record of your
medical history with Google. Or not — because just like the Google Phone, what
ultimately emerges might bear no relation to the rumors.

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