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Cost Of Protecting GOOG Chief: $1/2 Million

Google’s top execs taking salaries of only $1 is
old news. The cost
of protecting them, especially Google CEO Eric Schmidt, is considerably more.
Over half a million dollars, $532,755 to be exact, to protect Schmidt. That’s
according to company’s

latest financial filings
reports the
New York Times.

From the

key point
in the filing on Schmidt:

Consists of $532,755 for personal security, $22,456 in tax gross-ups paid
by Google on Eric’s behalf related to aircraft chartered for Google business
on which family and friends flew and $531 in aggregate incremental costs
incurred by family and friends flying on aircraft chartered for Google

Google cofounder Larry Page was paid $33,195 for costs that included security as
well as transportation and logistics. Fair to say, Page is deemed less at

Cofounder Sergey Brin apparently had no reimbursed security costs at all.

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