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eBay: Only 14 Percent Pleased With Google Checkout

Readers will recall Google recently backing down from eBay in pushing Google Checkout against eBay’s PayPal. Google, eBay battle it out over online payments from Bloomberg is a good article shedding fresh light on how important PayPal is to eBay, to the degree that it would pull its ads from Google to protect something that produces one-quarter of its income. It also has eBay saying practically no one is pleased with Google Checkout, based on its own survey.

From the article:

Meanwhile, eBay’s PayPal service, which generated a fourth of the company’s revenue last year, has become increasingly important as auction sales growth slowed to 23 percent in the first quarter, half that in 2004.

The article also covers how eBay continues to reject Google Checkout as an “unproven” payment method:

“In the latest survey we did, only 14 percent of Google Checkout users were pleased with their experience,” Whitman said in the June 15 interview on “Conversations with Judy Woodruff,” which aired on Bloomberg TV on Wednesday. She said eBay may eventually use Google Checkout if more people are satisfied.

Of course, Valleywag notes how the same article has a JP Morgan survey finding that while only 19 percent rated Google Checkout good or better, PayPal itself still got a dismal score. It was higher than Google, but fewer than half — 44 percent — rated it good or better.

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