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Google Ads now makes reporting column recommendations

Recommended columns is now live in all accounts.

There are 13 categories of metric and attribute columns available in Google Ads. Now, Google has added a recommended columns category to call attention to columns relevant to your account and campaign settings.

What’s new. For now the recommended reporting columns is limited, with Bid Strategy Type showing if you’re using bid automation.  With this update, Bid Strategy Type will no longer be a required column, freeing up your reporting tables to include a different metric or attribute.

How it works. Recommendations are turned on by default. You can opt out of a specific recommendation, add the columns you want to show consistently or ignore them. You can also opt out entirely by clicking on the toggle button at the bottom of the columns list. Google suggests leaving the recommendations on to see future additions.

Why you should care. The recommendations aren’t particularly robust, but as this feature develops it could give advertisers an easier way to ensure they’ve got all the relevant metrics they need selected. It would be nice if there were options to select pre-set groupings of metrics based on common goals like Facebook offers. But with so many metrics available, this is a good start for advertisers who aren’t in the interface all the time or are just getting started.

Now, if we could just get column settings to stick when navigating between campaigns.

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