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Google AdSense Launches Site Authentication Feature

The Inside AdSense blog announced that they have launched a new feature named “Site Authentication.”

The Site Authentication feature enables you to give the AdSense crawler access to your password protected pages. All you need to do is provide AdSense with a username and password. Then the AdSense crawler will gain access to those protected pages and be able to serve up relevant ads based on the content.

The Google AdSense help section describes how to set it up:

To create authentication parameters for your pages, follow the steps below. Most of the steps require you to take action using the Sitemaps and Webmaster resources provided below:

  1. Create an authentication rule by accessing the Site Authentication feature in your account, located under the AdSense Setup tab.
  2. Log into Sitemaps using your Google Account. You must be using your Google Account in order for any changes you make in Sitemaps to be reflected in your AdSense account.
  3. Add a site to your account by following these instructions.
  4. After you’ve followed the instructions, on the next page, choose the Verify your site link under the >> Next step section. If you can’t find it, then go back to the Sitemaps homepage and then follow these directions.
    – To learn about the two specific types of verification, see verify using META or verify using HTML.
    – To learn more about verification in general, see the Webmaster Help Center.

  5. If you’re having problems, see the Webmaster Help entry on errors for assistance.

Note: If you don’t see the Site Authentication feature in your account, it is likely because you haven’t transitioned your AdSense login to a Google Account. If this is the case, please update your login.

Google has been beta testing this feature for a while now.

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