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Google AdSense Tests New Features: My Publishers, Ad Placement & Message Inbox

Google AdSense has launched three new features overnight, some of the features are available to everyone and some are a limited test.

  • My Publishers: The most interesting feature was spotted by Media Viper where he shows that Google has added a “My Publishers” tab to his AdSense console. The My Publishers section allows you to search for your publishers by email, company name, contact name, client ID, association date and country. This may be a sign that Google is making it easier for AdSense consultants to offer services to publishers.
  • Ad Placement: The second feature is available to everyone, named Ad Placement. As I reported, this feature allows you to define specific groups of ad units on which an advertiser can place their ads.
  • Message Inbox: The final feature I spotted on my account, it is called a “Message Inbox” and it is basically a way for Google to send you emails through the AdSense console – the first message I received was an optimization report.

Postscript: It appears that this may be related to the Google AdSense API, where “API enables developers sites to become a one-stop shop for publishers who’d like to monetize their content with relevant ads.” In addition, the My Publishers tab is somewhat discussed in this help document at AdSense.

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